Register for Camp

1. Class fees for the 4-day weekend are a total $150.  Make your payment  by clicking the “Pay Now ” button to your right. You  can pay your class fees and lodging at separate times provided both are paid in full prior to July 9, 2017.

2. Book your lodging by contacting Sunrise Ranch through their email by clicking here. Their phone numbers are also listed below for your convenience. Your costs include 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.

3. Cancel on or before July 9, 2017 for a full refund of your monies for both lodging and classes.

  is  located 1 hour north of Denver, Colorado just west of Loveland, Colorado and is the oldest Alterative Retreat center in Colorado. All the rooms were remodeled in 2016  so you are insured a beautiful and comfortable space during your adventure here. In addition, Sunrise Ranch is indeed a ranch and grows the organic meat and vegetables served for your gourmet level  meals. 

Your room Lodging fee  includes three organic meals per day and two snacks. This is a wonderful accommodation for those of us with food sensitivities or  simply desire to  eat healthy foods.  Be sure to discuss special diet requests; no dairy, gluten free, vegan, when you book your room

The rooms available to us for the Drum Camp are located in the main facility; a two story brick building, which is handicap accessible and accommodated by dormitory style showers and baths.     Food and lodging fees are separate from your class costs.  Please book your accommodations directly with Sunrise Ranch by clicking here.


  • Food and Lodging fees are separate from your class costs.
  • You can pay your class fees and your lodging at separate times but  both must be paid prior to July 9, 2017. 
  • Please book your accomdations directly with Sunrise Ranch  using the information below. 
  • Please be attentive to check in and out times and travel time to DIA when making your travel arrangements. 
  • Request special meal accomodations at the time of booking i.e: vegan, dairy free, grain free, paleo, specific food allergies.

  • Check -in Thursday August 24th 2:00p.m-5:00pm 
  • Dinner August 24th at  6:00p.m. in the Dining Hall
  • Opening Ceremony August   7:30p.m. Greenridge  Room
  • Check Out Sunday August 27th by 3:00p.m

Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center
100 Sunrise Ranch Road 
Loveland, Colorado 80538 USA 


Dormitory: $95 per person per night.
The dormitory rooms are all located on the first level.  These rooms each contain three  beds each. The showers and bathrooms are located down the hallway.

Double Rooms: $119 per person per night
The double rooms are located on the second floor and contain two double beds each.  The showers and Restrooms are  accessed through a private  hallway.

Single Room : $143 per night
 These rooms are located on the second level and are booked on a first come, first served basis.