Fatu Lady Drummer

Fatu Lady Drummer

Fatu Lady Drummer; also known as Iyanifa FaSade Oshun Banke,  has been studying traditional West African Dance and Drumming since 1986. Highlights of her  career include Nigeria Drum & Dance with Baba Addetunji Joda and the Irepo and Sankofa Dance companies of Colorado, Congolese Drum & Dance with Malongo Causquelord as Musical Director of the award winning Harambee African Dance Ensemble of the University of Colorado, Boulder ; A USO tour with Master Drummer Malik Sow in Panama, 

Fatu has studied the breadth of West African based music and culture in the United States. She is a Cultural Historian and master of several styles of West African Music including Hatian, Cuban,  Ifa Orisha Music, and the beloved Blues traditions.  While she has studied in depth with many Africa  Musicians her passion is with the music and dance of Mali.  She has maintained 19 years of tutelage with Master Drummers Abdoul Doumbia, Bikaye Kouyate ,Vieux Traore, and Master Dancer Djeneba Sako. 

Fatu is an enchanting performer; drummer and vocalist,  and  a highly experienced and creative teacher.  She has shared her wonderful techniques  with the djembe in established institutions such as Naropa University, the University of Colorado, Metro State College of Denver and numerous programs for children and youth. Fatu’s teaching style is warm and filled with passion and  humor. She helps each woman to embrace her creative spirit to express her passion in the art of drumming, song and dance. Get ready for a fun and enlightening experience!

Debbie Morrill

Debbie has worked with at-risk youth and their families for the past 16 years. She is an innovative leader in managing successful programs for at-risk, poor and homeless students and their families through strong program development, grant management, community partnerships, and team building. Debbie has traveled the world to empower youth and facilitate personal growth and professional development seminars/trainings throughout her career. She has 20 years of designing, planning, and implementing successful workshops, holiday celebration events, and week-long conferences for 100-2000 attendees through the ability to facilitate, organize, plan, and execute effectively.

Debbie; the concierge extraordinaire, is here to help work out any kinks that may arise so you can relax and enjoy your drum, dance and vocal experiences.

Pamelah Maragh

Pamelah has been on her joyful journey in drumming for nearly 30 years. Her love for playing the Dun dun came when she was a member of Atlanta’s premier women’s drum group; Giwayen Mata, in 1996. Pamelah also performed playing the Dounnouns with Jambalaya Sistah’s Drum and Dance Ensemble from 2001 -2007 performing in such venues as Michigan Women’s Music Festival, the Denver Performing Arts Center: Buell Theater, the Denver Black Arts Festival and others.  She is often joined in performances by her daughter, Little Niaobi, shown with her in this photo.

Pamelah has learned from many teachers reaching across the globe from West Africa, United states and London. Don’t let her fool you. Pamelah sometimes presents as shy regarding the drums but rocks the bottoms like there is no tomorrow! She is also a phenomenal dancer so coax her to move. Pamelah will support us in our classes with her energy on the douns.

Pamelah has her own event management company named SITELINE Events where she works on many of Denver’s well known festivals. Site Line events is a co-sponsor of this women’s drum camp exerience.  

Mecca Madyun

Mecca is a dancer, teacher, performer, and choreographer for well over 15 years, Mecca Madyun received her MFA in dance and somatics (Body-Mind Centering® certificate) from the University of Colorado Boulder where she is currently an Adjunct Professor. She has performed with Onye Ozuzu, Jeffrey Page, Chuck Davis, Rennie Harris, Gesel Mason, Teena Marie Custer, and the Entertainment Industry’s Spank Rock, MIA, India Irie, and Navasha Daya of Fertile Ground. Her performance career has taken her to Germany, Switzerland, France, Guinea, Senegal, and all over the nation, locally. 

Mecca learned under Youssouf Koumbassa and Mouminatou Camara having danced with Kulu Mele (Philadephia) and Sankofa Dance Theater (Baltimore), continuing her studies with Djenebda Sako and Fara Tolno in Colorado. She most recently served as assistant for two of her long-time teachers and mentors, Emmy Award winning choreographer Jeffrey Page and Onye Ozuzu and continues to teach for numerous esteemed dance organizations here in the United States such as the American College Dance Association (ACDA) and Colorado Dance Alliance, as well as university residencies. Mecca’s teaching pedagogy is steeped in old and new world African (American) philosophy, somatic awareness/mind-body connection and experiential learning, as well as music and rhythmic exploration.

 Linda Foster

Linda Foster

Linda has been drumming in the Des Moines community since 1999. Soon after learning to play the djembe, Linda began teaching friends and anyone she could get to sit down at a drum so there would be others to drum with. After a short break from drumming to open a local business, Foster began teaching again in 2009. 

Over the years, Linda has studied with Fonziba Koster, Ubaka Hill, Adam Rugo, Madou Dembele, Fatu Ladydrummer, Fara Tolno, Abdoul Doumbia, Michael Markus, Bolokada Conde, Catherine Veilleux, Afia Walking Tree and more. In December of 2012, Linda set out for Guinea to spend a month experiencing the culture and music of West Africa with M’Bemba Bangoura and Wula Drums.

Linda really enjoys the community that has been created around the ongoing drum classes she teaches at Ancient Ways and is still performing regularly at various events around Central Iowa and beyond.

Angela Alderson

Angie Alderson

attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she studied dance, vocal performance, visual art, and creative writing from a young age. Ms. Alderson is trained in ballet, jazz, modern, tap-dance, hip-hop, and African dance. She has acted as an assistant artistic director, choreographer, costume designer, production designer and manager of artistic development for several hip hop and African companies. 

Angela is an accomplished dancer and enthusiastic teacher who conducts African Dance classes in the Denver and Colorado Springs Metro areas. She has a gentle and graceful teaching style which appeals to new and accomplished dancers alike. You can’t help but love her as you learn to move and do your solos.  

Angela is now focused on creating her own brand, to include teaching, dancing independently and artistic designs.